At Celuz Agro® we like constant improvement, that is why we renew the image of our products but with the same quality. ¡Coming soon! 28/11/23

Sowing Champions

At Celuz Agro® we put on our gloves and got into the ring! Last weekend the “First Neighborhood Championship” was held, an event that brought together several boxers from different gyms of this beautiful sport that is Boxing. From Nayarit to Jalisco it took place at Arena Constitucion with an excellent organization and live broadcast through social networks. An event that fascinated all those who love this sport and where Celuz Agro participated supporting all those future Box promises. 09/04/22

FERTIPACK® Nutritional Package for Corn

We are in CORN with Fertipack®! A package with balanced and specific nutrition designed to achieve the genetic potential of your high-yield seed. With 3 foliar applications, one for each phenological stage at times of highest nutritional demand by the crop. 13/06/21


He’s Back! After 2 years of absence from the formulators of OxiCure. The best concentrated Preventive-Curative returns to the Agricultural market at 6% over its most direct competition. OxiCure is one of the best known products in Mexico, thanks to its action as highly concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide, it has helped for years to improve the Mexican countryside and at Celuz Agro we have it for sale! 11/20/20


We continue fighting the White Fly and the Pulgon! with: Mycotrol ES (spores of Beauveria bassiana strain GHA) joins our Microbial product portfolio from Celuz Agro® as a liquid insecticide. An entomopathogenic fungus that acts by contact on immature stages of pests. 09/29/20


Last May we began to work with PREV-AM, a product with various variants, since its work is focused according to the specifications of the crop, working as an insecticide, fungicide and contact acaricide, formulated with oil of orange, a product that does not affect the benefits. A product with excellent results in the Jalisco and Michoacán areas. 01/06/20


We already have Azadirectin! … NEEMAZAD joins our Celuz Agro® product portfolio. A Bioinsecticide of Natural Origin that works in the same way as competitors in the market, but with a more affordable price.


Manage of Mites in Berries Update Seminar

In the current month of October, the seminar: “Manage of Mites in Berries Update” took place in Zamora, Michoacan. This event was organized by groWer Meet® in wich we were glad to participate as sponsors in cooperation with other important companies, reaffirming our products and growers’ compromise with local farmers. 18/10/19

Capacitation CUCBA

We were invited by Universidad de Guadalajara to offer a capacitation for students and growers from Centro Universitario de Ciencias Biológicas y Agropecuarias (CUCBA) about “Manage of Apple Crops” and “Right Tecnics in Aspersion of Pesticides” in crops. 08/10/19

Restoring our habitat !

Thanks to Gowan Mexicana for inviting us to participate in the event: Restoring our habitat! where the team Celuz Agro® contributed in the reforestation of Bosque La Primavera. 27/07/19


 In June we had the pleasure to be sponsors of the <<First Agricultural Regional Congress Agrohersa>> our ally in the State of Michoacan, paticipating in the presentation of our product line of KeyPlex Brand, sharing demostrations and information about products like KeyPlex 350 OR, ECOTEC and SPORATEC. Organic products with Organic Certification.

Congratulations to Agrohersa for its first Agricultural Regional Congress!!! 13/06/19


Tri-Fol is a producto that is back at agricultura market in the center and south of México by Celuz Agro®. Tri-Fol is an adjuvant, acidifier and organic Buffer with OMRI certificate. This product is mostly used to avoid the degradation of other agrochemicals by alkaline hydrolysis. 10/05/19

Present at the Guanajuato Fest 2019

This is de second year in which Celuz Agro® participate as sponsor in the Guanajuato Medieval Fest. This time as support for culture with the “Ancient Writing” theme. 25/04/19

Advanced Production of Persian Lemon Seminar

Celuz Agro® proud sponsor of Grower Meet® at the “Advanced Production of Persian Lemon Seminar”. Where we got the chance to have the presence of speakers from center and south of México, important universities and institutions dadicared to the production of Persian Lemon from regions near Jalico. 29/03/19

Agri-Food Expo Guanajuato 2018

This is the first time that Celuz Agro® participate in the Agri-Food Expo Guanajuato 2018, one of the most important Agricultural Expo in México, where we reaffirm the compromise with our customers and see towards new projects. 13/11/18


In October we managed to introduce to the mexican fields the products Thuricide (Bacillus Thuringiensis: Subspecies Kurstaki) and DES-X (Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids). Both products count with Organic Register OMRI. Organic Products now availables for everyone. 22/10/18

Color Run 5k

Celuz Agro® supporting sport activities like the Color Run 5K.

Congratulations to all the winners!


Course <<Manage of fungicides in tropical crops>>

The last Friday, August 10th, took place the course << Manage of fungicides in tropical crops>> in Tecomán City, Colima. Celuz Agro® participated in this event, showing the products and solutions we offer to have an excelent ecological management of illnesses. The course was imparted by Dr. Gil Virgen, expert in this área, from the Guadalajara University.


New image

Showing off our new web side image An all new concept: modern, fresher, better content, easier to use on either PC or mobile devices.
Another reason for our customer to like us. Visiting us and leave your comments about our new image.


Kocide 2000-O

Celuz Agro® introduce to the market Kocide 2000-O. A well known product like one of the best Copper for Agriculture.
Kocide 2000-O gets in in México now as an organic product with OMRI register. So this way Kocide 2000-O will help organic producers within our country to have a better crop protection.



To Celuz Agro®, culture and agronomy are important pieces for a society improvement, because with them both we nourish body and mind.
For that reason we participated the last April 5th as sponsors in the Guanajuato Medieval Fest 2018, one of the most important fest in Guanajuato State and allMéxico since 2004.


Celuz Agro®

We are an Organic Products Marketer that was born in 2017 with a direct portfolio of 3 of the best brands in the US market and with direct national brand alliances, Celuz Agro® becomes one of the best “Suppliers for Life!” 01/09/17

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